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Every dollar counts and all of the money raised through donations is used to enhance the experience and support all MHS athletes and teams.

Consider becoming a Friend of the Sages!  A single donation of any amount helps provide funds for all MHS sports teams and in return, your name will be listed on our website and in our MAB annual programs.

Can't afford to make a donation right now?  The Holiday Hoopla is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we are always looking for extra help - contact the Holiday Hoopla Chair to get involved!

We've made donating even easier with our online donation form, or you can print out a copy of our pledge form and mail it to us at: Monticello High School, 1 Sage Drive, Monticello IL 61856.

Friends of the Sages

Bruce Wintersteen

Mark and Becky Mesplay

Michael E. Sheppard

Scott Hoffman

Tom and Pat Rhoades

Roger D. Williamson

Alvin and Pearle Koon

James Cavanaugh

Jean Stoddard

Deloris Adkins

Church of Nazarene

Kathy and Rick Timmons

Michael and Jamie Wassom

Caleb and Ashlee Burton

Ann Wildman Family

The Loftus Family (Patrick, Molly, Eddie and Parker)

Derrick and Lynne Bruhn

Lynne and James Shaffer

Martha B. Morris

Kathryn and Ted Bachman

Gayle G. Richards

Trudy and Jerry Gaskill

Shorin Rye Karate for Kids (Jerry Sample)

Skinner's Coachhouse Antiques

Thomas and angela Muse

The Devore Family

Robert J. Salika

Liz and Kelly skinner

Shelly and Jerry Sample

Glenn and Angie ginalick

Monticello Rotary Club

Harold and Ann Barnhart

Angie and Mark Bundy

Abe and Veronica Jones

Dan and Kristen Sheehan

John and Sunny Jay

Matthew and Andrea Heckman

Ryan and Lisa Buehnerkemper

Matt and Starla Carr

Derek and Jodi Fultz

Sean and Shelia Grambart

Jason and Dena Huddleston

Ken and Amy Johnson

Douglas and Joan Kepley

Christopher and Jennifer Aikman

Caleb and Ashlee Burton

Chris and Lisa Cafin

Brian and Cindi Quick

Jason and Keri Trybom

Benjamin and Carrie Bodznick

Ron and Brenda Falk

Adam and Jessie Clapp

Vic and Lori Zimmerman